May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

i♥moms is excited to celebrate and support the month of May as Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). Take this time to reflect on and honor pregnancy—whether it’s yours (past or present), a friend’s, or a family member’s pregnancy, celebrate! PAM’s mission is to provide new mothers a wealth of knowledge on the four tenets of pregnancy: exercise, nutrition, wellness and nurturing.

Not so long ago, mom’s-to-be everywhere were told not to exercise and were even advised to move as little as possible during pregnancy. Bummer! Today, we know that daily, moderate exercise has shown to reduce discomfort, nausea, boost mood, improve sleep and increase strength and flexibility. It can even reduce your risk of gestational diabetes and regulate your baby’s heart rate.

But let’s face it: when you’re craving bacon, chocolate and ice cream 24/7, dealing with swollen feet and a throbbing back, the last thing on your mind is diet and exercise, right? We want to know what kind of exercise you did during pregnancy and what motivated you?

In honor of Pregnancy Awareness Month and pregnant women everywhere, we’ve found some pretty inspiring mamas:

All smiles Pilates:

Dancing does the trick:

Nunchucks, really? Yep:

What kind of exercise did you do during pregnancy and what motivated you?

7 responses to “May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

  1. I was motivated by the fact that my baby girl depended on me to be healthy! Everything I put in my body went into hers and she had no choice. I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant which was really really hard I have to say! I started to eat more fruits and veggies. Luckily I craved meat which is good for protein. 🙂


  2. Being pregnant is such a beautiful and amazing thing! I honor my mother for carnying me and my Abuela for carrying her. And I honor women everywhere for their ability to give birth. I was never happier than when I was pregnant and that goes for all four of my boys. There’s just something wonderful about it. I can’t explain it but it’s the miracle of life.


  3. Haha! Wow can’t believe she is actually waving those things around her pregnant belly. Good thing she’s good or else I would be worried about the baby!


  4. I am in my third trimester & man is it hard to get motivated sometimes! Thanks for the inspiring mom videos–so funny!!!!! 🙂 As for what I do to stay healthy: I try to eat well balanced meals and I take my miniature poodle Benjie for walks at a park near our house. Benjie loves the walks and I get my exercise from them–so we both win and my baby (don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl….it’s a surprise) my baby wins too!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and major bonus: I have my hubbie rub my feet when we get home.


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