Spanking Wars

With angst, vigor and a glare in his eyes, little Jimmy stood up in his booster seat and called the waitress a &*tch (a what!) for not putting a cherry in his Shirley Temple.

We were speechless to say the least.

True story. Jimmy was 5 years old at the time, and as a result received a few good spanks in front of the restaurant. Granted, he had probably heard mom and dad use the word a few times and hey, you had to give it to the kid, the cherry was his favorite part—at least we knew he had passion!

But was it wrong? How else do you make your child understand that his behavior is absolutely, inexcusably wrong?

A recent study found that Moms who spank their kids may be increasing their children’s risk of aggressive behavior, such as bullying and fighting, by the time they turn 5! The study, published in the May issue of Pediatrics, adds to evidence suggesting that spanking and other types of corporal punishment set kids up for aggressive behaviors later in life. Catherine A. Taylor, PhD, assistant professor of community health sciences at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans says:

“Children need guidance and discipline; however, parents should focus on positive, non-physical forms of discipline and avoid the use of spanking. This message is consistent with that of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which strongly opposes striking a child for any reason.”

So, what do you think about spanking? To spank or not to spank, that is the question.

4 responses to “Spanking Wars

  1. Ok: so here’s the thing: a light spank when needed is totally ok in my eyes. What is a woman to do when she has lost all control??!!! I mean really come on. Spanking is not that bad. There is however a line between spanking and hitting. I think that theres a fine line there and that is what has made so many people take it to the extremes. A light spank is not abuse as long as it is only administered as punishment (as a last resort one even) to make your child understand. Obviously a heated subject. Quite an appropriate title “Spanking Wars” and funny story also. I think the kid deserved a spank for sure! B word does not fly in my household: and no way is it going to fly at a restaurant!!!!


  2. I do not believe in spanking. No matter what my child does I will never spank him. I don’t care how bad he is! He just doesn’t deserve to be hit. Nobody does. Please do not spank your kids it’s wrong. Listen to the experts it could cause them problems when they get older. Thank you –Crystal


  3. I have spanked my children and yes I have felt badly about it, but I think an occasional spank when needed is ok. I was spanked as a child and I turned out ok. Granted I know that doesn’t go for everyone. And I agree with the comment that there is a fine line.


  4. Instead of spanking, try to use psychology on the kids. Tell them when they do something bad that they made you sad or tell them that next time they won’t get dessert. Sure it’s not as easy as spanking but it is so much better than negative hurtful punishment. I don’t spank my kids and they are growing up to be just angels (well almost) HAHA! So it is working for me.


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