Suri Cruisin’ In Heels

suri-cruise-high-heels-pics1Certainly, life can’t be easy being the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. What’s a toddler to do when she’s been pegged a fashion icon since birth and lives in the grisly eye of the media? Apparently, the poor kid needs her coffee just like we do. In one of her first high-heeled sightings, Suri was seen gripping a Starbucks! Ok, perhaps it was decaf…

While Suri’s been wearing heels for over a year now, the topic recently sparked debate when Alex Rodriguez escorted his 5-year-old daughter Natasha onto the red carpet wearing some of the most “fashion forward” kiddie shoes around. Rodriguez told reporters he was nervous because it was his daughters first time wearing heels—2-inch wedges by Amiana to be exact.

Retailers such as Nordstrom, Piperlime and Zappos are all pumping out shoes for little girls ages 4 to 8. Nina Kids has even created a line they proudly call “The Hotsy” style. Alan Paulenoff, executive vice president of Nina Kids says “Heels are getting higher because little girls simply want to look like big girls.”

Seriously, what 5-year old girl hasn’t played dress-up in mom’s heels or been astounded by a pair of bedazzled princess-like pumps? All kids want to grow up fast—this fact is nothing new Mr. Paulenoff. The issue here is that Doctors warn young feet are not designed to walk in the upright position. They’re still growing and are not yet fully formed.

Experts are worried that hot-to-trot tots will topple over, sprain an ankle and possibly even have developmental issues later in life. They say heels pose physical risks that include a tightening of the heel cord and changes in the growth plate. The 2-inch range is where docs say children generally run into problems, since young feet don’t have the strength or stability to support their own weight in them.

Regardless of expert opinion, retailers continue to sell kiddie pumps and Hollywood A-listers continue to flaunt their high-heeled tots. While most grown women find it difficult to wear even a 2-inch heel to work every day, Suri Cruise and Natasha Rodriguez can apparently sport them all day long!

What do you think? Should we let our kids wear heels just because they want to?

7 responses to “Suri Cruisin’ In Heels

  1. No way! So not ok with me. Why would you take your child’s innocence away like that? Let kids be kids for christs sake! I mean they already grow up fast enough and we all know they want to grow up as fast as possible. But thats a parents job to make sure they don’t grow up too fast. Am I right? Come on! Just because she’s in the lime light does not mean her little feet need to be in heels!!!!!!!!!


  2. Well, I can see how some folks might say thats wrong, but I don’t think it’s all that bad to let kids play a little dress up. How do we know that that’s not whats going on here in these photos anyhow? The media photographers are pigs and are probably all over this poor family at all possible times. I say give them and the kid a break. She probably could use one. Can you imagine being in magazines at that age? Poor little girl.


  3. Oh, but I think this is a big deal. High heels at 4: what is she going to be seriously dating in a few years when she’s 7?! Katie as the parent, should know better. Once in a while, ok fine. But this kids been seen everywhere in heels. Did anybody else catch the makeup bag and purse. WOW


  4. I’m saddened by the way our society dresses up little girls like they’re 20 year olds. Has anyone seen that horrible show about beauty pageant moms called Little Miss Perfect? Its sad, really sad how far these women go with spray tanning and expensive dresses and for what? Just so that they can feel better about themselves because they don’t feel pretty enough or like a good enough parent. The reality is that a good parent would not do that to their child. They’re kids! They don’t could care less about designer shoes.


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