Working Moms Say Goodbye Guilt

A recent survey from Working Mother magazine found that 57% of working moms feel guilty every single day, and 31% feel guilty at least once a week.

Whether you’re a mom that wants to work or has to work, one thing’s for sure: It’s not easy.

All too rarely do working moms receive the kind of validation and support they truly deserve. Between the high stress and physical demands of juggling work and family life, the last thing you need is to feel discredited.

Feeling guilty is normal and natural. In fact, guilt is an emotion that women of all walks of life share, whether or not this guilt is a side effect of social pressures or is biological to our nature is a whole other topic worth thinking about. We feel guilty about balancing our careers and families; beat ourselves up over how we look, what we eat, what we do or don’t do—and to make matters worse, we even feel guilty about not feeling guilty! Should we have to explain ourselves? i♥moms thinks not.

Of course, as a mom you’re going to feel guilty about missing a soccer game or not having time to bake cookies—especially since today’s mom is under immense pressure to be nothing less than Super Mom. As a working mom, you’re just about as close to a Super Mom as anyone can be.

Parenting and perfectionism just don’t mix. It’s not even remotely possible for a working mom, let alone a stay-at-home mom to master this thing we call family life. The truth is that parents can’t be perfect. But they can be loving role models. And as it turns out, your kids probably don’t hold working against you as much as you might think.

MyWorkButterfly, a network for working moms, interviewed some pretty savvy kids. What did they think about working moms? Their answers might surprise you:

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