11-Year Old Jessi Slaughter Given PCP By Her Father?

Jessi Slaughter aka “Kerligirl13” has become an internet sensation—but all of this attention has come at a high price for the young girl. She first made headlines when she posted nude videos of herself on social networking sites, and then when she posted controversial videos on YouTube. Her real name is Jessica Leonhardt and she’s only 11 years old.

Jessi’s videos already have over a million views on YouTube—and have even landed her in protective custody. Her mother, Dianne Leonhardt, claims she and her husband had no idea her daughter was creating the videos. Dianne also said she’s not able to be with her daughter 24/7, and that she was not even aware of the videos and does not even want to view them.

So far, the rumor that the girl was given PCP by her father seems to hold no water, as none of the sites that are reporting it seem to site any source for the information, and no pictures to prove the claim. It appears to be just another nasty rumor developed over the internet.

Such a shocking chain of events begs the question: Should kids be allowed to post videos of themselves on the internet?

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