One Easy Move For Two Lovely Ladies

This is no joke! We’ve all been looking for that magical oomph since our training bra days—and yes ladies, it really does exist. It’s time to look past the padded bras and infomercial enhancement pills and start looking within.

Yoga, besides being an incredible stress reliever and lifestyle practice, can also do wonders for (you guessed it) your breasts! Did you know, that depending on your cup size and genetics, your breasts can start sagging as early as age 20? Scary yes, but the real sagging culprit isn’t the breast tissue itself, it’s the muscles underlying the breast.

Bottom line? Pump-up your pecs, and your lovely lady lumps will rise to the occassion. For firmer, more youthful looking breasts, along with firmer abs, try this easy half yoga pushup. It’s considered a yoga pushup as opposed to a regular pushup, because the attention is focused on properly aligning your body. As you do this, focus on making one fluid movement. Breathe deeply in and out.

The Half Yoga Pushup
Do 3-5 sets, then rest in Child’s Pose (detailed below) for one minute.
To Do:

  1. Come onto your hands and knees with your knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Place the hands directly below the shoulders with fingers splayed wide, so all the weight is not on the wrist, but spread through the fingers.
  2. Prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and forearms. Keep the knees straight and the heels pressing back, feet flexed. Gently tighten the abdominals and squeeze the buttocks. Keep your body in a straight line parallel to the floor, from your torso through your legs. Look forward and feel the strength of your arms, legs and core.
  3. Bend at the elbows and lower your body down toward the floor as far as you can go without touching your body to the floor. Keep your elbows hugging your torso and aiming straight back, not angling out to the sides. If you let your elbows slide behind your wrist line when you lower, you’ll be working out your elbows, not improving your cleavage.  Hover here and breathe deeply for several breaths.
  4. Rest in Child’s Pose for one minute.

Note: this is not easy, even for advanced yogis, so don’t overdo it. Avoid this move if you have any shoulder or neck problems.

Child’s Pose

1. Drop the knees to the floor.

2. Spread the knees as wide as the mat, keeping the big toes touching.

3. Rest your chest and stomach between the thighs and the forehead to the floor.

4. Stretch the arms in front of you with the palms toward the floor.

Now, go strut your stuff!

Got any more tips for the ladies? Please share. We’d all love to know.

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