5 Unbeatable Back-To-School Deals

Here’s everything you need to get your kid back-to-school-cool on a budget:

1. Payless BOGO, Plus 20% Off
What’s BOGO you ask? It’s buy one, get one half off at Payless! Let’s face it, as soon as that school bell rings, you’ve lost all control over what happens to those shiny new sneakers. So why not have back-up? The best part is, if you order online, you can also get an additional 20% off. Sale ends Sept. 4, 2010.

  • Head to the Payless website and choose two pair of shoes
  • For an additional 20% off, enter this code at checkout: 36255
  • If you choose to pick up the shoes at your local store shipping is free

2. Office Depot 25-cent School Supplies
At just a quarter a pop, a girl can really afford to stock up on essentials like:

  • Scholastic School Glue
  • 2-Pocket Poly Folders
  • Pencils
  • 24-Pack Scholastic Crayons

3. Target $9.99 Backpacks
The backpack is the quintessential back-to-school fashion staple. Thanks to Target’s mega-cool selection of backpacks like Dora The Explorer, Disney Princess, Spiderman and even clear backpacks (which enable you to see everything that goes inside) you can let your kids choose the bag that best expresses their unique style.

4. Old Navy $10
You just can’t beat these 10-buck bargains:

  • Girls knit dresses, skirts, jersey v-neck Henley’s and more
  • Boys graphic tees, polos, sneakers and more

5. Dickies Additional 20% Off Clearance
Check out Dickies selection of clearance items reduced by up to 60%—and get an extra 20% off on top of that! Shipping starts at $7.00 or is free with a $99 purchase.

  • Head to the Dickies website
  • For an additional 20% off, enter this code at checkout: SFI

We just love a good deal! Have any deals you’d like to share? We’d truly appreciate it!

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