Does Someone Else Own Your Baby’s Name?

In a period where home prices have hit an all-time low in some places, the hottest real estate around remains virtual. Which means your unborn baby’s name could just be the next hot sale.

Yes, only in today’s wild, wild web of a world, would a person even conceive of the idea to buy their unborn child’s domain name—but that’s exactly what experts say you should be doing!

It seems that just a few years back many of us didn’t even know what the heck a domain name was. And we certainly weren’t planning on buying one anytime soon—because well, what would we do with it?

Today, it’s become apparent that anyone wanting to compete online needs their own website. Considering the fact that there are over 6 billion people in the world, it’s now becoming a race to stake claim on your name’s website. And many say the race is only going to get more competitive.

So what’s all the urgency to buy now about? As the population increases and the number of possible combinations for domain names decreases, the value of domain names will increase exponentially. Have you tried to secure a domain on the Internet lately? Not only are all the good names taken, but it’s likely that your name is already spoken for, either by a doppelganger or a thief who grabbed it in hopes that you’d pay him twice as much for it.

At least 97% of all 4-letter words in the English dictionary have already been registered under .com domains. And to make matters worse, because of the known value of these domains (they’re like gold—with some .com’s selling for millions) there are actually people in the business of scouting and buying up domains.

That’s why so many people today are buying their baby’s domain name as soon as possible, so they don’t get bamboozled later.

Sound crazy? It really happens!

Jay Nelson, of says, “Eventually, an ever-increasing percentage of the population will have his or her own website. Many parents may want to purchase a domain right away, even if the website isn’t developed for many years. Once someone else has the domain name, you’ve lost out for good!”

The day the Jolie-Pitt twins were born, Daddy’s law firm purchased 24 domain name combinations. Some of which were:,, and the list goes on…

Perhaps, buying your unborn baby’s name is a little extreme, but you might want to consider buying your child’s domain somewhere down the road—and yours too while you’re at it! There are several sites you can purchase domain names from on the web. sells most domains for just $11.44/a year.

So what do you think? Is this trend taking it a little too far? Or should parents buy now while their baby’s name is still available?

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