Trapped Miner’s Wife Gives Birth To Hope

A rare moment of joy sparked last night in the dusty Chilean mine where 33 miners have been trapped for over a month now, when news arrived that one of them had become a father. Minor Ariel Ticona’s wife, Elizabeth Segovia, had given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Using a fibre optic video link set up between ground level and the small underground refuge where the men have been trapped, Ariel Ticona was able to pass a message to his wife.

“Tell her to change the name of our daughter…and give her a long-distance kiss. We’re going to name her Esperanza,” he said, as miners cheered and hollered in the background.

Esperanza meaning “hope” in Spanish, is something those 33 men could use right now. Trapped underground in sweltering conditions since a large rock collapsed and sealed their shaft August 5, all they can do now is wait and hope to be freed sometime soon.

The miner’s wife Elizabeth later told a Chilean TV station that she was saddened her husband couldn’t be there to witness the birth of their daughter. She said she had planned to name their baby girl Esperanza ever since her husband had become trapped—long before he was able to pass her the message.

We welcome baby Esperanza, and hope the miners will be freed soon.

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