You Voted: Jessica Alba is officially the hottest celebrimom!

We asked which celebrimom you’d rather be: Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba or Denise Richards. Your answer? 48% of you would rather be Jessica Alba! Denise Richards came in second place, taking in 33% of your votes—sorry Gwen, we ♥ you too, but you came in third with only 19% of votes.

Recently, during a guest appearance on the David Letterman Show, Jessica revealed her trick to getting baby Honor Marie (whom she gave birth to in 2008) to sleep through the night. What’s her trick?

She gets her toddler to sleep by overfeeding her. Jessica told Letterman that if Honor is full, she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night hungry. She said that after doing this for a while, Honor learned to sleep uninterrupted until about 9am.

Jessica admits, “Honor was overfed as a baby. She weighed just as much at six months as she does now. She was really chubby. When it’s time to eat, Honor has to definitely eat.”

Tell us, how did you get your child to start sleeping through the night?

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