5 Sweet & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Making your child’s costume this year? Whether you’re looking to show off your creative side or save some money, do-it-yourself Halloween costumes can be fun and oh-so-easy to make. Forget the old (and predictable) sheet ghost and toilet paper mummy! We’ve got some fresh ideas for your child’s costume this year that both you and your child will love:

1.The Imaginative Tutu

If your little girl loves all things frilly, a homemade tutu can be a budget-friendly and incredibly versatile costume. Princess, Cat, Pumpkin, you name it—tutus work for virtually ANY costume.

You’ll need: about 6 yards of tulle and a ½-1 inch wide strip of elastic. Measure the elastic around your little one’s waist and sew or staple together to fit. Simply cut all the tulle into 6-inch wide strips and tie each strip to the elastic.

Use a color of tulle that works with your child’s costume: orange for a pumpkin, black for a cat or witch and so on. Pair the tutu with a coordinating shirt and accessories such as animal ears, wings or a witch’s hat, and you’re good to go.

2. (Not So) Creepy-Crawler:

Use your imagination here! You can make a spider, a lady bug or even a bumblebee.

You’ll need: 4 pairs of black tights or panty-hose, a black or red sweatshirt, 2 pipe cleaners, 2 pom poms and one pair of googly eyes (available at craft stores), circles of black felt (for a lady bug), or strips of black felt (for a bee).

Find an inexpensive hooded sweatshirt. Black works best, but other colors could work here as well (like red for a lady bug). Stuff 4 pairs of black opaque tights with newspaper and glue, staple or sew the tights to the back of the sweatshirt. If you are making a lady bug costume, use a red sweatshirt and glue black felt circles to the shirt. Attach a small pom-pom to the top of a pipe cleaner for antennae and glue or sew to the hood along with the googly-eyes.

3. Autograph Book:

This is a fun, super easy and interactive costume that’ll get you lots of attention. …and giggles too!

You’ll need: Permanent Marker, white t-shirt, white pants.

Dress your child in all white and have friends and family “sign” their costume.

4. Bag of Jelly Beans:

Who doesn’t love jelly beans?

You’ll need: Clear plastic garbage bag, multi-colored balloons.

Cut holes in the bottom of the bag for your child’s legs. Blow up enough balloons to fill the bag. Have your child step into the bag, add balloons and use clear packing tape to affix the bag to your child’s shoulders.

Note: This costume is recommended for older children, as balloons can pose as a choking hazards for the littlest ones.

5. Bouquet of Flowers:

A blooming bouquet cap or rosebud headband makes an especially easy and adorable costume! A candy pail outfitted as an oversized flower makes a cute addition to this costume too.

You’ll need: a bunch of faux flowers from a craft or dollar store, an old knit hat or wide fabric headband.

Remove as much of the plastic backing from the craft flowers as possible. Using a hot glue gun, glue flowers to the hat or headband. You can make this as crazy as you like! Dress your little one in all-green and have her wear the hat as her crowning glory.

Have any creative ideas for a DIY Halloween costume? Please share! And don’t forget to enter your best pic of your little one all dressed up in our Spooktacular Costume Photo Contest for a chance to win a $200 Target gift card! Contest ends November 5, 2010.

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