Live Strong, Love & Enjoy Your Family

The seven-time Tour de France champ announced the birth of his daughter Olivia Marie, on Twitter early this morning.

“Olivia Marie Armstrong has arrived!” boasted the proud new dad! Later he tweeted: “Hi, I’m Olivia Marie Armstrong. Otherwise known as “Cinco.”

Olivia is the second child for the happy couple who welcomed their first child, Max, in 2009. However, she is technically numero cinco for Lance, who also has three kids with ex-wife Kristin. That gives Lance a nice little collection of five strapping kids to go with his seven Tour de Frances!

Before the 2010 Tour, Lance announced it would be his last. The bad luck, the hard work, were taking a toll on the Texan. After a rough 2010 Tour of hitting the pavement repeatedly, terrible mechanical luck, and three crashes in Stage Eight, Lance isn’t certain what he plans to do next.

“Right now I’ve got plans with my family, to just relax and get away and enjoy.”

We think Lance should do just that! Don’t you?

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