Top 10 Haunted Houses In the U.S.

‘Tis the season for candy corns, pumpkin-carving, costume making and of course, all things spooky! And what better way to get spooked than by visiting a haunted house? Did you know that the top 10 haunted attractions in the country all have either an interesting back-story, or a genius creator? These frightening houses rival any scary movie marathons you may have been planning this Halloween…So check them out, one might just be in your neck of the woods…

1. 13th Gate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It takes over 100 professional actors, 12 special effects makeup artists, costume specialists and a movie industry construction crew to bring America’s number one Haunted House, the 13th Gate, to life each night. Whether your worst nightmare is crawling through a crematory oven or standing on a rickety bridge with hundreds of slithering snakes beneath you, you’re sure to encounter real chills at the 13th Gate.

2. Netherworld, Atlanta, Georgia

Featuring intricately detailed sets and themes, Netherworld of Atlanta has caught the attention of CNN, AOL, Hauntworld Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Netherworld was created by film and television professionals and you’ll feel like you’re on a Hollywood set of a horror blockbuster as you meander your way through this creepy attraction.

3. The Darkness, St Louis, Missouri

For 15 years, The Darkness has been terrifying its guests in downtown St. Louis. Featured on the Travel Channel, The Darkness has attracted guests from all over the world in search of a frighteningly fun time and with some new renovations, this year promises to be the most chilling ever!

4. Haunted Overload, Lee, New Hampshire

Located on a real “haunted” farm, Haunted Overload focuses more on traditional Halloween aspects rather than blood and gore—but that doesn’t make this 78-acre attraction with 34-foot tall monsters any less chilling! Hundreds of lighted pumpkins, trails through corn mazes and movie quality sets make Haunted Overload an experience you don’t want to miss!

5. Headless Horseman, Ulster Park, New York

The Historic Haunted Hudson Valley is creepy enough, but those seeking the ultimate thrill should check out Headless Horseman. Featuring 5 professionally designed haunted houses, an evil garden and a corn maze, this haunted attraction doesn’t end there. The main attraction is actually a mile long hayride through the dark woods, fruit orchards and surreal ponds. Named #1 Hayride in America, Headless Horseman is sure to move the most stoic thrill seeker!

6. House of Torment, Austin, Texas

The House of Torment has an intricate storyline of a war-torn, disease-ravaged society where the mutants prey on those who invade their space. Visitors to the House of Torment will experience a dynamic array of explosive special effects, stunts and monsters. Come and visit if you dare!

7. Bates Motel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Check into this haunted hotel for a no-holds-barred experience of terror. The Bates Motel boasts incredible acting and Hollywood-grade special effects and lighting. Scare-lovers beware—this haunted attraction is not recommended for children under 8 or those with heart conditions!

8. Spookywoods, Kersey Valley, North Carolina

Creator Mark Goodson, former Universal Studios artist, brought his talents to North Carolina with his chilling creation called Spookywoods. Over 130 monsters haunt Spookywoods by night. During the day, the park is transformed into a family-friendly Halloween fun park. No matter what your scare-tolerance is, you’re sure to find your fix at Spookywoods.

9. Dead Acres, Columbus, Ohio

Dead Acres in Columbus is certainly not for the faint of heart. This extremely graphic tribute to gore and bloodshed ramps up the fear level every year and has hit its peak this season. With attractions such as a live demon birth and sadistic doctors, Dead Acres is the pinnacle for bloodshed lovers everywhere.

10. Cutting Edge, Dallas, Texas

This 235,000 square foot warehouse holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for being the largest walk through haunted house. With so much room for ghouls to roam, you’re sure to bump into some creepy creatures.

Is there a spooktacular haunted house near you that should be added to this list? Please share, we’d love to hear about it!

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