Flu Shot: Friend or Foe?

For some time now, the great flu shot controversy has raged on. Do the shot benefits outweigh its risks?

It’s certainly a hot-button topic amongst moms who face the hard-pressed dilemma of making the right decision for their little ones’ safety. Some moms are eager to take any avenue to protect their children against the flu, while others are weary of the shots potentially harmful side effects.

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Forget Black Friday: Beat The Lines & Get Free Shipping

Are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the year?

Experts say, with our economy and major retailers still suffering, customers will be shopping in droves for bigger and better deals more than ever before. But if you’re not the type to stand in line, in the freezing cold, outside of Kmart at 4 a.m. with screaming kids, consider shopping online for the same deals.

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