Congrats To Our Contest Winners!

Halloween has come and past, and boy did our fans have a blast! We received a ton of entries, each and every one deserving of our thanks and admiration for the time and effort put into such adorable costumes!

Our fans have voted, and we must say, you’ve all worked diligently at getting your dear friends to vote! It was a close race, but in the end, there can only be three winners.

And the winners of our Spooktacular Costume Contest are…

1st Place $200 Gift Card Winner: Bakugan Dan

Andrew as Bakugan Dan at the Halloween parade.
(1,476 votes)

2nd Place $50 Gift Card Winner : My Lil’ Lion

Anthony as a lil’ Lion, 6 months old.
(1,370 votes)

3rd Place $25 Gift Card Winner : Lil’ Miss Pirate

Ahoy Matey! Alyssa as a Pirate…Arrrrrrg!
(707 votes)

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