Hey, Remember Thanksgiving?!

It seems that no sooner have the candles in the jack o’ lanterns been extinguished on Halloween night that the halls of every store in town are decked with boughs of holly; and the sounds of holiday cheer are floating over the airwaves.

While some moms relish the opportunity to spend a few extra weeks in the holiday spirit, others are scratching their heads wondering: why did the sleigh bells start jingling before the election polls had been tallied?

Whether you loathe it or love it, there’s one aspect to this retail-fueled holiday extension that can’t be denied. In all the furor of preparing for the December holidays, one of our most poignant holidays is being overlooked: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving seems to have morphed from a day of genuine celebration with those we’re thankful for, into a bump on the golden road to December. Where is the anticipation that we see for the “big” holidays? Sure, for many the annual foray into cranberry sauce doesn’t hold a candle to the splendor of the holiday season, but couldn’t we give at least a token nod to the holiday whose sole purpose is to appreciate who and what we’re lucky to have?

Thanksgiving is (and for a long time was) the perfect prelude to get us into the holiday spirit. But as of lately, it seems that Black FriDAY (the traditional start to the season) has turned into Black FriMONTH—making November more about consumerism for the holidays, and less about Thanksgiving. It seems Thanksgiving has gotten lost in the shuffle.

And so, in honor of this holiday of gratitude and recognition, we here at i♥moms would like to ask you to take the next seven days to really get excited about Thanksgiving and give thanks!

Take five minutes each day to close your eyes and really reflect on your personal fortunes—whether they’re as tangible as gold, or as sacred as your daughter’s smile, or your son’s laugh. Get your family involved in this tribute. When the turkey’s roasted and the pumpkin pie’s baked, don’t gobble it down quickly. Take your time. Make sure you and your family are all aware of the wonderful aspects of your life.

One of our moms has shared the wonderful idea of having everyone write down what they’re thankful for, and then having them share it at the dinner table. Sound like something your family would shy away from? Make a turkey out of yarn and felt and have everyone write down what they’re thankful for on a tail feather. However you choose to spend your Thanksgiving this year, make a meaningful transition into the holiday season and truly give thanks.

Moms, what will you be giving thanks for this year?

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