Today Is Opposite Day! Or Is It Not?

kidngramps1Opposite Day is a topsy turvy day when everything you say, do, see, and hear is exactly the opposite! If you say you’re hungry, you mean you’re full. If you say go left, you mean go right! If you’re in a pickle, then are you actually outside of a pickle?

Yes, Opposite Day is a whole lot of fun—truly a day Dr. Suess would have enjoyed to the max! It can also be very, very confusing. This special day is perfect for kids! Sponge Bob Square Pants even got into the act, with an episode containing the whimsical nature of this backwards day.

It is unknown who created Opposite Day, and when it originated. In true “Opposite Day” spirit, you would have to look for someone who said “I didn’t create this day”, and then go from there…

There have been stories that President Calvin Coolidge created the day in the 1920’s. But is it possible that a president said one thing and meant another? Newspaper accounts of Opposite Day activities from the 20’s are scarce, though that may have stemmed from confusion over whether it was actually Opposite Day or not. Records do exist of one incident in the spring of 1922, a day that some call “The day that the world did not stand still.” Confused? Careful what you say—you might just mean the opposite!

Have any uncool ideas on how to not celebrate this boring day with your kids? Please don’t share them. 🙂

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