Keep Your Kid Off My Plane Please!

Cynthia Hayden of St. Louis, MO, has been petitioning airlines for some time now in the hopes of creating child-free flights. So far, she’s had little success with the petition.

Cynthia says she goes on vacation several times a year and without fail, is plagued by crying, kicking children who ruin her flight. She sent us this article entitled, Control Your Screaming Kid On The Plane Or Get Off, which explains her frustration at parents’ lack of control over their children on flights.

While the idea of having flights created just for parents and their kids is tempting, we have to ask: would they cost more? Would they cater to the needs of travelers with kids? Perhaps they could create a play section with babysitters on-board? That would be amazing.

Nothing is worse than sitting in front of a kicking, screaming kid, whose parents do absolutely nothing to stop or soothe them the entire flight. That’s just downright rude. But let’s face it, traveling with kids is not easy—especially when you have a screamer that just won’t stop…

Control Your Screaming Kid On The Plane Or Get Off

I love to travel, but I can’t stand flying.

Flying is stressful enough in and of itself. Between the high altitudes, security checkpoints, claustrophobic seating and worrying about delays and cancellations I’m never excited about vacations until the moment my foot touches down on soil.

And from the moment I do land, I spend the rest of my vacation stressed out in anticipation for the return flight home.


Well, what could make an already stressful situation even worse? I’ll give you a hint: it’s small, loud and wriggly.

Give up?

A crying, kicking, screaming brat sitting in the seat directly behind you.

I think that airlines should do us all a favor and make a separate section, or even better, a separate flight for those families who can’t control their children.

I’ve raised 4 kids, and I took time to teach them etiquette. They knew where they could run around and shout (like the park) and where they were supposed to be seen and not heard. But it seems like lately parents can’t be bothered.

My husband and I are avid travelers and often took our children with us on long trips from the time they were babies and they never acted the way most of the children I encounter on planes nowadays do. My children understood that they were to be quiet and respectful. If they got any ideas of getting loud or restless, a sharp look from either me or my husband would stop them dead in their tracks.

I don’t understand why some parents have no control of their children.

There are certain parenting choices that are none of my business, like whether you breast feed or bottle feed. But when your choices infringe on my comfort, and my quality of life, the choice to let your children run wild with no discipline is most definitely my business.

I know that kids will be kids, but as parents it is your responsibility to keep your kids behavior under control. It’s very rude and inconsiderate to allow them to scream, cry and kick the seat in front of them.

Such behavior really shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere but it’s especially infuriating on a plane, because I can’t leave or move to a more quiet area.

I have sent emails and made phone calls to different airline companies to try to convince them it would be a smart business decision to create child-free flights. They advise me to fly first class if I am so bothered.

Why should I have to pay extra because of other people’s lack of consideration?

I already spend thousands of dollars every year on vacations and a big chunk of that goes towards my airline ticket. For what I’m paying, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect peace and quiet on my flight.

So until the airlines finally listen to me and make child-free flights, or at least child-free sections – please, keep your children under control! It’s the right thing to do!

Moms, tell us: do you think airplanes should be sans children? If so, what’s a travelling parent to do?

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