Could Menstruating Barbie Be Next?

While the dolls currently on the market aren’t going through their “cycles” just yet, it seems we’re not too far off from a Barbie that comes complete with mood swings, chocolate cravings and maxi pad accessories…

Dolls have certainly become more realistic as the years have passed. Little girls were overjoyed in the 1960’s when Mattel released the first mass-produced talking doll called Chatty Cathy. Later in the 70’s, girls were simultaneously amazed and grossed-out by Baby Alive, the doll who could eat, drink and use the potty.

Now, it seems that doll-makers are competing amongst each other to create the most realistic functional doll possible—but how far is too far?

Here are a few dolls that can nearly do everything (and we do mean everything that Mommy does):

Breast Milk Baby – Originally released in Spain in 2006, the infamous breast feeding doll has now hit the American marketplace. As her name suggests, Breast Milk Baby well, breastfeeds. “Mommy” wears a special halter top with strategically placed flowers. When Breast Milk Baby is held close to the flower-nipples, she makes sucking sounds and motions.

The doll manufacturer claims that Breast Milk Baby is designed to help little girls develop nurturing skills, while critics cry that pretending to have breasts sexualizes pre-pubescents.

MamAmor Dolls – Don’t let these simplistic-looking ragdolls fool you. Each of these hand-crafted dolls arrives with a baby in its tummy. When “Mommy” decides it’s time to meet baby, the baby is “born” through an elasticized vaginal opening. The doll is also available in a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) model—no, really! After “cutting” the umbilical cord and placenta, the mom doll can breastfeed and baby-wear her little one.

Some Moms absolutely love the idea of normalizing birth, breast-feeding and baby-wearing at a young age, while others find the uber antonomically-correctness of this doll too disturbing for young minds.

Happy Family Midge – While MamAmor Dolls are hand-crafted and only available from their creator, Mattel mass-released “Happy Family Midge” in 2002.

A friend of Barbie (who presumably couldn’t bear to ruin her svelte figure through childbirth), Happy Family Midge came with a removable tummy with a baby inside.

Her reign as the pregnant plastic queen didn’t last too long, though. Ultimately, Happy Family Midge was pulled from the shelves after numerous complaints from parents, who found the doll a little too realistic.

Moms, what do you think? Would you buy any of these dolls for your little one?

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