3 Clever Easter Craft Ideas

Ready or not, Peter Cottontail is hopping down the bunny trail! And we’ve got some awesome Easter craft ideas to give him a warm welcome when he makes his arrival.

Forget the boring, ho-hum dyed Easter eggs, and check out these fun ways to make some Easter magic…

Easter Egg Tree

A German/Austrian Easter tradition is to hang blown eggs from the branches of trees. You can easily make an indoor version of this festive tree using a clear vase (you may need to use decorative rocks as the base) and inserting tree branches or pussy willows. Prepare the eggs by dying, and hand blowing them—this is the part the kids always love helping with!

Step 1

Arrange tree branches in vase and add rocks to bottom if needed and prepare to dye your eggs.

Rub raw eggs with white vinegar to help the dye absorb. Boil 3 cups of water, remove from heat and add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 3 to 5 drops of food coloring (or more, for a deeper hue). Gently add the eggs and let them sit until they turn the shade you prefer.

Remove the raw dyed eggs, blot with a paper towel and let them cool completely.

Step 2
Hand blow eggs. Over a bowl, pierce both ends of the egg with a pin. On one end, use the pin to make the hole slightly larger. Using an egg blowing tool (you can find them at craft stores) or an ear syringe, remove the contents of the egg into the bowl. Discard.
**If you don’t have an egg blowing tool or ear syringe on hand, you can improvise by using a long pin or sewing needle to pierce the yolk of the egg and shake gently. Blow contents from one end of the hole out the other into the bowl. Discard.

Step 3
Decorate your eggs! Really, you can decorate them any way you like. We recommend using clear craft glue to attach a band of ribbon around the shell. Glue a small bow or silk flower over the bottom hole of your egg.

For the top part of your egg, stick a pearl tipped pin through a ribbon, insert the pin into the other hole and glue in place. Tie the ribbon ends together and hang these beautiful decorations on your “tree”!

Living Easter Basket

Nothing says “bye-bye, winter!” quite like blooming flowers. Celebrate Easter and spring with this beautiful Easter centerpiece.

This basket makes a great gift for Grandma! And as it blooms, it proves to be the gift that keeps on giving…

Step 1

Line the inside of an Easter basket with cellophane. It’s fine to let the edges hang over the edge of the basket—you’ll snip them later!

Fill the lined basket with potting soil.

Step 2

Plant your choice of bulbs and plants (lilies, daffodils and pansies make great seasonal choices) in the soil-filled basket.

Cover the top of the soil with Easter basket grass, letting the flowers poke through.

Step 3

Add dyed Easter eggs to the top for decoration, if you’d like. Snip excess cellophane around the side of the basket, and you’ve got a beautiful blooming basket!

After Easter is over, transplant the flowers from the basket to the ground, and enjoy!

Easter Bunny Mask

Some bunny once said that  kids love to play dress up!

This Easter bunny mask is easy and tons of fun to make! The best part is, you probably already have everything you need to make it lying around your house.

Step 1

First: hold a white paper plate against your child’s face and mark where their eyes and nose are.

Cut holes for the eyes and nose in the proper places.

Step 2

Using another plate (or construction paper for floppy ears), cut out bunny ears and glue to the paper plate. Cut smaller ears from pink construction paper and glue in the center of the white ears.

Next, glue a cotton ball on the nose and attach pipe cleaners to the cheek area for whiskers.

Don’t forget to draw a bunny mouth!

Step 3

Using a hole punch, punch holes on each side of the plate, and secure a piece of yarn or ribbon to each side that can be used to tie the bunny mask around your little bunny’s head.

Tell them they really look like a bunny!

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