Pageant Mom Gives 8-Year-Old Botox
The web is all abuzz with talk of mom Kerry Campbell who injects her 8-year-old daughter Britney with Botox. Britney is an aspiring pageant queen who has also tried waxing her legs. The two appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America” to talk with Lara Spencer about the extreme beauty regimen that has many people concerned about the well-being of Britney, including Child Protective Services.

Spencer asked Britney questions about the Botox injections she receives like, “What do you do it for?” Britney’s response: “I don’t know…” Spencer asks, “Can you show me where you do it? Can you point on your face?” Britney points to spots on her face and responds: “It hurt sometimes, but I get used to it.” She also added that she cries sometimes. As for the waxing, she says “It was super, super hard to deal with that…I just don’t think it’s ladylike to have hair on your legs,” adding that she won’t likely do it again.

Kerry did confess that her daughter Britney hasn’t actually requested to have the Botox injections. But then again: What 8-year-old would?

Photos of Britney’s bruised face and puffy cheeks are alarming and enough to make any mom cringe. But still, Kerry says: “We talked about it. She didn’t exactly ask me about it but I know that she was complaining about her face having wrinkles and things like that.” Spencer’s response: “My son will come home and tell me he wants every Xbox game that existed…that doesn’t mean you get it for them.”

When Spencer asked how her she feels, Britney said she thinks she “looks way better, like, beautiful, pretty, like, all those kinds of nice words.” Heartbreaking words, which show a little girl deluded by what our society defines as “beautiful.”

What do you think about it all? Should mom Kerry be investigated for child endangerment, or do you think she has the right?

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