6 Generation Family Sets World Record!

Meet Gladys Sweeting, a 91-year-old great-great-great grandmother and her family: 74-year-old daughter Pam, Pam’s 54-year-old daughter Wendy, Wendy’s 34-year-old daughter Lisa, Lisa’s 19-year-old daughter Jessica and Jessica’s newborn son, Harry!

Yes, that is 6 generations of one family! According to the World Records Academy, the Sweeting family is now the proud world record holder for the most living generations in one family alive today. They are just one generation shy of holding the all-time world record, which was reached by a U.S. family who clocked in at 7 living generations in 1989.

“We feel so lucky to be 6 generations of one family,” great-great grandma Wendy told The Sun. “People are stunned when we tell them about Harry’s family tree.”

Guinness World Records has also recognized the family as holding the world record for the most living figures in a nativity scene!

While 6 generations together for one family portrait is pretty incredible, get this: the whole family lives in the U.K. within two miles of each other—now that’s amazing! 🙂

How many living generations are in your family?

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