5 Hilarious Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is this Sunday!

If you or your kids have procrastinated and are in need of a gift ASAP, no worries—we have some brilliant gift ideas the dad in your life is sure to love.

Don’t get dad boring socks or a tie this year. Get him something he will never forget…

1. Beer Belt Holster

For the dad who loves beer (and doesn’t want to get off the couch to get a new one)! The beer holster can hold up to 6 beers at once and fits comfortably around the waist.

2. Slippers That Clean

Kleen Stride’s Personal Debris Removal System Slippers are a real dream come true! What man wouldn’t love slippers that sweep and have an attachable plow?

3. Head Massager

The HealthCare HeadSpa Head Massager is the perfect gift for busy dads. Besides looking ultra hip and space-aged, dad can get a relaxing head massage anywhere, anytime he wants one!

4. Flair Hair

Is dad losing his lush locks? Does he love visors and bandanas? Get him a Flair Hair visor or bandana! Now Dad (and you) can enjoy thick, natural looking hair.

5. Chest Hair Toupee

We’ll be honest: there’s just something about a hairy man that can drive (some) women wild! This chest hair toupee is pretty awesome.

  • Self adhesive
  • Available in brown and black
  • One size fits most

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