The Magic Of Motherhood

We often talk about the magic of childhood—that time when everything is exciting and new. That feeling of magic…where the world is filled with wonder and amazement.

As we grow older and experience what life has to offer, we tend to lose that sensation. The stars can seem a little less out of reach, and a bus ride home a little less like a carnival ride.

When we become parents, life turns yet again. There is a certain sort of mystery in motherhood that begins the moment you become pregnant. Conception is amazing. A little baby is growing daily inside of you. Amazing!

Pregnancy is full of wonder, excitement and magic. The miracle of life happening inside of you. There is a certain sort of suspense and mystery when you approach motherhood for the very first time.

You give birth and despite the experience, the end result is usually complete amazement at this new life you have created.

Then reality hits. Motherhood is not easy! The magic starts to fade, and you become tired. OH SO TIRED. You wonder if you will ever get it back? We all hit points like this on our journey through motherhood. It’s normal and natural. At times, motherhood can  feel like an uphill battle, but if you look closely and put on those rose colored glasses you used to wear as a kid, you’ll start to see that motherhood is speckled with moments of pure magic.

These moments can enable you to live the magic of childhood and motherhood all over again!

You’re in charge mom: it is you who breathes life into your family’s moments daily.

Moments of pure magic do happen and they are all around you, happening daily. Open your eyes and see them.

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