Boycotting $5 Million Casey Anthony Interview

Where is Casey and when will she give her first interview?

Casey Anthony has been in hiding since she was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee and released from jail on July 17th—and rightfully so. According to her attorney, Jose Baez, Anthony has received thousands of death threats. Many news and radio stations have speculated she will change her name and even alter her appearance for safety reasons.

But according to television producer Al Taylor, Anthony is staying at a hotel in Palm Springs.

Taylor says he met with Casey Anthony, where she agreed to give him her first interview in exchange for $1 million. He said her first words were, “Where’s the check?”

With reports that Anthony has received a $5 million dollar offer from Schalmo Productions in exchange for her first interview, some are wondering who is really going to be the first to interview her.

Many were shocked and abhorred by the offers Anthony has received. People are saying they will boycott the interview and refuse to watch it!

Still, while the boycott is understandable, could you name one person who doesn’t want to get inside the brain of Casey Anthony? Would you boycott the interview?

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