The Hottest Baby Names of 2011!

The hottest baby names of 2011 are here and you’ll never guess who topped the list… Turns out, our obsession with the British royal family has proved to have more of a hold on us than we thought!

According to Nameberry, a baby name guide that claims to be written by the world’s leading experts, the hottest baby name of 2011 is none other than Pippa—after Princess Kate’s now-famous older sister. Some of you might remember her “bum” during the royal ceremony (it was the talk of town after the wedding and was even compared to having achieved  JLo status)! 🙂

Pippa has shown up repeatedly on Nameberry’s most-searched list, while it did not even appear among the top 200 in 2010. Kate has also seen a surge in popularity, but has always been a quite popular name.

Asher takes the hottest boys’ name spot, and has seemingly unseated the number one boys’ name of all time—Henry.

Celebrities, who have made a habit out of naming their children after unusual subjects, are now influencing baby-naming with a recent resurgence of antiquated or literary namesakes. Harper, Flynn and Hadley are all names given to recent births in Hollywood.

Popular celebrities’ names have also seen a spike on the charts. Mila, as in Mila Kunis, is rising the charts, along with similar names like Mia or Lila.

Would you name your baby after a celebrity? What are some of your favorite baby names?

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