7-Year Old Boy Saves Mom’s Life

Drew Champagnie, a 7-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, saved his mother’s life on Tuesday!

While Drew’s mother was helping him get ready for school, she suddenly fell to the floor. Drew quickly called 911 and told the dispatcher his mom was shaking on the ground.

The dispatcher said that Drew stayed cool, calm and collected the entire time on the phone as he gave dispatchers his address and administered first-aid on his mother. And as he waited for the ambulance to arrive, a thought popped into Drew’s mind. He asked the 911 dispatcher: “Who’s going to take me to school?”

When the EMTs arrived, they found 48-year-old Donna Gilkes-Champagnie unconscious on the floor. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she’s now in stable condition. Doctors say high-blood pressure is what caused the seizure. It wasn’t until after Drew’s father rushed home from work to be at his family’s side that Drew got the answer he was looking for…

Drew’s father took him out for a nice breakfast, then to school. After his eventful day, Drew said, there was just one thing he still couldn’t wait to do: hug his mom!

Drew was recognized by the FDNY for his quick-thinking that saved his mother’s life and he was sworn-in as a Junior EMT. What a well-deserved honor for this brave little man!

Do your kids know how to respond in an emergency?

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