Trying To Conceive? Czech Out This Miracle Mud!

Sound crazy? It’s true: a region in Carlsbad, in the Czech Republic, produces a mud that many say could have you pregnant in no time!

The Czech Spa Triangle of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Marianske Lazne (Marienbad), and Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzensbad), encompasses a stretch of land that is abundant with natural sources of carbonic mineral water.

In Frantiskovy Lazne, this water has naturally changed into moor, a type of mud created when minerals from the carbonic water mixed with paleolithic plant matter—yep, you read that right: that would be plant matter that existed in the days before the dinosaurs!

It is believed that over time, a pre-historic mud reduction was created that gives off a positive radiation and helps the body cure itself.

So, what does this mean for trying moms-to-be? Since 1827, the women in this area have been practicing the process of a fertility treatment using the mud. The process involves inserting the moor mud directly into the vagina. This treatment doesn’t just take effect overnight. 4 weeks are recommended for the cure to work; 3 weeks of treatment, and 1 week of a period hiatus. Many of the treatments are unique and based on a Dr.’s prescription upon arrival.

So How Does The Moor Mud Work?

The moor mud is heavy with FeS2 (pyrite) which when oxidized reduces the pH of moor to 1.6 and promotes natural bacteria and flora growth. This controls and corrects the pH of the vagina, which is typically a source of sterility. Not only can the mud help correct infertility, but it is also used as a PID treatment for any serious vaginal inflammation, and is used after bladder and gynecological operations, among other benefits. Some spas in the area charge around $415 per person a week, which includes room, meals and 3 treatments a day. Pricey, but potentially worth the money if it makes you a mommy!

Tell us: what do you think about this miracle mud? Would you try it?

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