Is Taking Obese Children Away From Parents Really The Answer?

A Cleveland 3rd grader who weighed more than 200 pounds and suffered from a weight-related health matter, was placed in foster care after officials said his mother didn’t do enough to help him lose weight.

“They are trying to make it seem like I am unfit, like I don’t love my child,” the boy’s mother, who was not identified, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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The Co-Sleeping Controversy

Did you share a bed with your baby?

Research shows that co-sleeping can actually be safer than sleeping alone. But, as anyone with a baby knows, what’s safe and what’s not safe changes just about every year!

A shocking ad campaign, unveiled last Wednesday in Milwaukee, urges parents to stop sharing a bed with their babies. The ads show an infant sleeping in an adult bed next to a butcher knife with the headline, “Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous.”

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Pregnant Mom Arrested For Snacking While Shopping

It’s sounds way too crazy, but it’s true! 30-weeks pregnant, Nicole Leszczynski was arrested, along with her husband Marcin for shoplifting two sandwiches that together cost $5! Their 2-year-old daughter Zofia, who was with them at the time, was taken into custody by the state.

The former Air Force staff sergeant had recently moved to downtown Honolulu with her husband and little girl. The family had ventured out to a Safeway supermarket to do some grocery shopping, and the famished mom grabbed two sandwiches to curb her hunger while they shopped.

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“Sorry” Isn’t Good Enough: Judge & Wife Beat Disabled Daughter

An alarming YouTube video has gone viral. It was posted by Hillary Adams, the daughter of Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge, William Adams. The video shows Judge Williams viciously beating his disabled daughter in 2004 when she was 16.

The video is lengthy, and unbearable to watch at some points.

Mom and Newburgh Mama blog writer, Courtney Bonfante, would like to weigh-in on how she feels about this rather disturbing video.

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