Think Twice About Chicken Nuggets

Think McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets aren’t so bad? The next time the kids are begging for a Happy Meal and you’re ready to cave and give in—think again!

This week, a 17-year-old British factory worker, Stacey Irvine, was rushed to the hospital when she collapsed and struggled to breathe. During the exam, doctors were stunned to learn that Stacey had never in her life eaten fruit or vegetables. Since she was 2 years old, she had eaten almost nothing but fast-food chicken nuggets.

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Don’t Carpe Diem? Live In Kairos Moments…

You know those times when you’re barely holding on by a thread, ready to break down, feeling like your life couldn’t possibly get any more chaotic, when all of a sudden something grabs you, opens your eyes and makes everything stand still, just for one beautiful moment.

Transcendental bliss in the brush of your child’s little hand, glorious laughter in the ridiculousness of it all, unending love in a hiccup…

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