Fight To End Tragic & Disturbing “Am I Ugly?” Video Trend

am-i-ugly_2Almost all teenage girls are insecure about their looks at some point in time—from acne to breast size and weight gain—every young girl wonders, “Am I pretty?”

As if being a teenager weren’t hard enough, in today’s social world, where everything seems instantly shareable or share-worthy, many young girls are now posting their insecurities online—seeking validation of their looks publicly.

In a troubling new trend making its way around YouTube (enough to make any mom cringe) a search of the phrase “Am I Ugly” on YouTube yields dozens of videos posted by young girls asking the anonymous, and notoriously judgmental YouTube community to judge their looks.

Many of the videos have thousands of comments, ranging from nice and encouraging to extremely cruel and foul words.

New York-based child psychiatrist Francisco Gonzalez-Franco, says that on a very basic level, the videos are “a masochistic way to diminish their anxiety.” He added that the girls feel incomplete, and that they just want people to confirm their fear of being ugly.

It’s heartbreaking really. These girls should seek help from friends and family—not YouTube commentators (who are more apt to write mean and hateful things knowing they may never be identified).

This disturbing trend is taking cyberbullying to a whole new level, and could have tragic consequences. As parents, we need to do the best we can to teach our young girls that they are beautiful inside and out. Tell them every day just how beautiful they are and keep them far far away from videos like these.

While this is obviously a big fail on YouTube’s part for not adhering to it’s age policy, it’s also a big fat parenting fail. YouTube should remove ALL of these videos ASAP.

How do you feel about these videos?

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