Huggies Backlash Over ‘Hapless Dads’

Huggies Backlash Over Hapless DadsIn a new campaign, Huggies thought it would be funny to air a commercial depicting dads as hapless and hopeless caregivers.

But nobody is laughing about it.

The TV ad showed several men sitting in recliners, who were too distracted by a sports game to care for their children. Many took to Facebook to voice their complaints.

One father wrote:

“Your ad campaign disgusts me. My wife and I share the responsibilities of the house. I cook, grocery shop, clean, and we take care of our daughter equally. At times I have been at home with my daughter more than my wife has been, after she had to return to work and I had a lot of time off. It is insulting to all fathers to portray us as a bunch of bumbling idiots.”

One mother wrote:

“My husband was the stay at home dad when I was working. I am sick of big name companies trying to belittle dads and make them seem incompetent when it comes to their children. We may have been the ones to carry and birth our children but that does not make us the better parent. It is time that society recognizes dad as a parent too…not just some guy that sits around all day watching sports.”

It seems the ad was just a bit too dated for today’s modern family.

Today, there are more than five million stay-at-home dads, and millions more who play a key role in the raising of their children.

Huggies pulled the ads. Joey Mooring, a spokesperson for Huggies, said:

“The intention was not to pick fun at dads, but only feature real dads, with their own babies in real life situations putting our Huggies diapers and baby wipes to the test. We have learned that our intended message did not come through and we have made changes.”

We couldn’t seem to find the pulled ad anywhere, but we did find a revised version:
What do you think? Was Huggies way off-base, or are people being overly sensitive?

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