Top Cities That Spoil Their Kids

With a quite unstable economy, can parents spoil their kids a little bit more than usual?

Moms can barely keep up with inflation as prices here and there seem to soar high in a flick of a finger. While raising a child involves meeting the needs of your kid, including the child’s wants may not be the case for some moms.

For an average mom coming from a middle class family, it means that she has to spend roughly half a million dollars over the course of 18 years of her child’s life. While the number seems gigantic, it actually does not involve costly perks such as highly-branded apparels and/or side stuffs.

While you spend a little over $500,000 for your kids to keep them healthy, secured and happy, some families just go beyond-actually, way over and beyond that figure. Spoiling by definition is highly arguable. Parents have different reasons why they tend to spend so much on their kids. Looking past the reasons for spoiling, came up with a research aiming to know which cities spoil their kids the most.

Before taking a look at the data, it is important to take note that although the research focused on spending, it only included money spent on clothing, toys and other services that fall into the kids and teens categories. Basic needs such as food and healthcare were not included.

On the top of the list is Manhattan. It comes with no surprise though as it is home to Jay-Z and Beyonce, who spent $3,500 and $5,200 for their daughter’s crib and a bathtub respectively. As a whole, Manhattan citizens spend 90% more than the national average.

Brooklyn is keeping up as it sits at second by spending 67% more and feeding their children with “babyccinos”. Looks like children are keeping up with their parents in this coffee-fad big apple borough.

Miami and Minnesota rank third and fourth respectively. Miami does not come as a surprise with style being inherent to residents. However, Minnesota, known to be frugal in spending, surprised a lot by spending close to 50% more on the children.

On the other end of the spectrum are Madison, Saint Paul, Milwaukee and Indianapolis, whose residents spend less than 50% of the average on their children.

From what end of the spectrum do you belong?

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