Here Come Beautiful & Bald Barbies!

When people band together, just about anything can happen!

In response to a Facebook campaign, Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made—a campaign which garnered more than 150,000 supporters—toymaker Mattel has announced that it will be making a bald Barbie doll to offer support for children who are either going through cancer treatment or living with a condition that causes them to lose their hair.

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Fight To End Tragic & Disturbing “Am I Ugly?” Video Trend

Almost all teenage girls are insecure about their looks at some point in time—from acne to breast size and weight gain—every young girl wonders, “Am I pretty?”

As if being a teenager weren’t hard enough, in today’s social world, where everything seems instantly shareable or share-worthy, many young girls are now posting their insecurities online—seeking validation of their looks publicly.

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